Koren Studios — Music & Art

Atascadero, California

Born: 6/23/39 Cincinnati, Ohio


Education: Graduate of the Cincinnati Art Academy, 1961

Painting Major

Attended both the Cincinnati and the New England Conservatories of Music

Art Instructor at Lorain County Community College 1966/67/68

Private Suzuki piano instructor from 1980 – Present

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA"Visions" Juried photography show (4/03)


SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA Aquarius Watercolor shows(2003), Koren has also exhibited during 2001 (award for Orb painting), 1991, 1990 & 1989

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA Photo Society show "Necessary Losses" (12/2002), Mono and Friend (12/2001)

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA Serigraph—"From An Ancient Mexican Frog Image "Tabula Rasa" —"The Central Coast Printmakers" (11/2002)

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA Oil painting—"From Beyond II"— OPAG— Oil-Pastel-Acrylic-Group— (9/21/2002 through 10/28/2002)

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA Watercolor show—(8/2001)—"Breakthrough", (8/2002) —"Through the Window"

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA "One Foot" show painting—"In the Flow" (7/2001)

NEW TIMES, SLO.CA—"Winning Images"—(11/2000) — two photographs, and (11/2002)— two photographs

SUNFIRE GALLERY, Cambria CA— A one-person multimedia show of photographs and serigraphs and paintings— (3/2001 through 4/1, 2001)

SAN LUIS ARTIST'S GALLERY,(SLAG at the Creamery)— San Luis Obispo, CA— An on going multimedia exhibition of Koren's paintings, photographs and prints since (10/2000)

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA—"The Power of the Small Press"—serigraph—the Central Coast Printmakers (10/2001)

SAN LUIS OBISPO ART CENTER, SLO, CA— Photo Society shows—"Visions 2001"—award for "Stage Coach at Atascadero Lake Park"—"Visions 2000"— award for "Somebody's Baby"—"Visions 1996"—award for "Estero Sunset"

KARPELES MANUSCRIPT LIBRARY AND MUSEUM,Santa Barbara, CA— A one-person show of 44 photographs of "The Down Home Blues Ranch"— (2/17/2001 through 5/13/2001

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP OF SLOA one-person show of photographs— (11/2001) along with CD release of 30 original piano compositions—"Call of the Morros" by Koren

THE PHOTO SHOP, San Luis Opisbo, CA— A one-person show of Morros photographs— (1997)

FLAMSON AUDITORIUM, Paso Robles, CA —Beethoven and Friends— A multimedia show with live piano by Koren performing music of Beethoven, with slides by Koren, and Beethoven's presence impersonated by Eric Greening— (1995)

CUESTA COLLEGE INTERACT THEATER, San Luis Obispo, CA—"The Call of the Morros"— A multimedia show including live performance of Koren's piano compositons 'The Call of the Morros' with slides by Koren and lecture by Eric Greening— (1994)

CUESTA COLLEGE ART GALLERY, SLO, CA" The Down Home Blues Ranch" A one-person show of photographs — A multimedia show including a live performance by Koren of her 'Down Home Blues Ranch' suite, arranged and performed by members of 'The Early Music Consort', directed by John Warren, with slides and lectures by Koren and Eric Greening— (10/1993)

EARTH DAY EXHIBIT, San Luis Obispo, CA— "One Earth, No Spare"— Award-winning photo— (1991)

LINNAEA'S CAFE, San Luis Obispo, CA—"Visions of a Peaceful Plane"— A one-person show of paintings and photographs— (1991)

PEACE GALLERY, Mountain View, CA— A one-person show of paintings and photographs— (1990) & (1986)paintings

CAMBRIA COAST GALLERY, CA— An invited group show featuring photographs—(1988)

CONVENTION CENTER, San Jose, CA— "New Age Renaissance Fair" A visionary art show of paintings— Won awards.(1986)

SAN JOSE CITY HALL, CA—Mayor's office and Council chambers— Invitational exhibit sponsored by the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art— (1983)

MONTALVO CENTER FOR THE ARTS, Saratoga, CA— A one-person show of serigraphs and paintings.. (1975)

PALO ALTO CULTURAL CENTER, Palo Alto, CA— A two-person show of serigraphs— (1975)

PHILADELPHIA ART ALLIANCE, A juried show with an ecology theme—(3 photographs)— (1973)

CIVIC CENTER OF PHILADELPHIAA juried show "Earth Arts" — (Serigraph)— (1973)

JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER, Norristown, PA— An invited show— (Serigraphs)— (1973)

PHILADELPHIA ART ALLIANCEA two-person show of serigraphs— (1972)

NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, Boston, Mass.A one-person show of photographs and paintings— (1970)

LORAIN COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Elyria, Ohio— A one-person show of paintings—(1969)

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