Call of the Morros

The Morros are a chain of volcanic mountains in the Central Coast of California. Each time I ascended these ancient peaks their beauty overwhelmed me. I was compelled to compose this suite of music to give a voice to these majestic mountains.

Hollister High 128k 1.6m
Nocturne for Tree Dwellers 128k 1.9m
Playing in the Wind 128k 2.2m

The Down Home Blues Ranch

The California Department of Water Rresources forcefully acquired and destroyed the “Down Home Blues Ranch” to make way for a pipeline that cut through the heart of the property.

The ranch owners invited me to capture images of their sacred lands before they were demolished. The beauty of the place inspired seventeen pieces of music. The music came from the land; I was merely the vessel through which it passed.

To Be Heard 128k 1m
Vanishing Nature Speaks 128k 1.8m
Bring Flowers Dancing 128k 1.6m

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